Commercial Property Owners Insurance

Safeguard your rented commercial property against unexpected events and protect your rental income and business tenants with commercial landlord insurance.

What is commercial landlord insurance?

Commercial landlord insurance is a type of insurance policy tailored to the unique needs of landlords of commercial properties. It combines a variety of covers to ensure that you, your rental property and your rental income are protected against the risks of letting commercial buildings.

Why get specialist commercial landlord insurance?

Renting out a commercial property is very different to renting out a residential property for many reasons. Commercial business properties receive more visitors who need more protection than residential properties so it’s vital that your liability cover is strong enough to handle anything going wrong. Plus, office buildings often house expensive and crucial business equipment, technology and valuable stock and goods, so they may be an enticing target for thieves and vandals so you need to make sure that your building is covered against damage from breaking and entering, and that your rental income would be protected if the building became unusable as a result of damage.

What does commercial landlord insurance cover?

Commercial landlord insurance policies will include cover for the building itself against fire, flood or damage from vandalism. If you provide any contents, furnishings or even just shelving, you may also like to include cover for these, too. You might also choose to protect your rental income with a policy such as business interruption cover or rental income protection, which will ensure that you continue to receive some rent, even if the building becomes unusable for a period.

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