Has coronavirus changed what we look for when buying a home?

Buying houses after lock down

Since lock down began, households have had to change the way they live in order to cope with the demands of the pandemic, from setting up a home office in the living room to cleaning out the garden shed to create more space. While the lock down measures may be temporary, they have had a profound effect on the way we live every day, an effect that is sure to continue resonating as we move forward and out of this crisis.

Professor Yolande Barnes of the Bartlett Real Estate Institute, University College London, believes this is not a one-off crisis or lock down, something she thinks is reflected in the way “homeowners are reassessing their space for what lies ahead.” Ms Barnes explains her theory further: “Buyers and tenants will be more discerning and from now on, every time they view a new property they will be thinking, can I live in these four walls in a lockdown?”

Changing priorities for home owners

Estate agents are already seeing a change in the feature’s buyers are looking for; things that were once deemed to be a ‘nice to have’ have now become essential. Top of the list are home office space, large gardens, multiple options for living space, and outbuildings. They are moving away from the once coveted open plan living and now looking for homes with designated, and separate, spaces.

The cabin fever of lock down may also be a factor for an increased demand for property near green or open space. According to Rightmove, there has been a marked increase in city dwellers searching for rural properties, with searches from Londoners for countryside retreats up 10 per cent.

In short, home buyers are now looking for homes that would make living in lock down a whole lot easier than the first time around.

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