How to Add Value to your Home – 7 Top Tips!

A house isn’t just a home – it’s an investment. So when it comes to selling your property, you’ll want to make sure you receive the maximum return. The good news is there are lots of ways you can add value – whether it’s a big project like a loft conversion, or a simple task like giving the walls a lick of paint.

If you’re thinking along the lines of a big project, research the ceiling value of properties in your area first. For example, if your house is worth £250,000 in its current state but the ceiling price in your area is £265,000, you’ll need to make sure that the work you carry out doesn’t exceed the £265,000 mark – otherwise you won’t see a return on it.

Chimneypots offers a full valuation service, so if you’re thinking of selling your property, why not ask one of our estate agents to value it? We’ll be able to offer our expert advice to help you receive the best price for your home. Not ready to sell just yet? Take a look at the list below for top ways to add value to your home – both short term and in the long term.

7 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Here’s how you can add value to your home:

1. Reconfigure the layout

Whether it’s reconfiguring your upstairs to add an ensuite bathroom, or knocking down the wall between your kitchen and dining room to create an open plan living space, changing the layout of your property is a great way to make sure your house meets the current tastes of the market. Removing a load-bearing wall shouldn’t cost more than £1,800, while knocking down a partition wall can be done incredibly cheaply, making reconfiguration a more cost-effective option than an extension.

2. Convert your loft

Converting your loft doesn’t have to be a big job – in fact, you may not need permission if you’re planning on working within the current roof footprint. A good way to gauge whether you will receive planning permission is if there are properties with similar extensions in your neighbourhood. For a smaller scale project, install dormer windows in the roof – just make sure you consider additional costs, such as insulation, relocating your hot water tank, and installing a staircase.

3. Extend outwards

A one storey extension doesn’t have to cost the earth. By extending into your back garden or side alley, you could easily turn an old galley kitchen into a workable space or create a utility room to wipe down muddy dogs and sort out laundry. If you already have a conservatory, it may be worth considering how much it would cost to convert it into a full extension, and if you don’t have a conservatory, perhaps look at constructing one as an alternative.

4. Fix any cosmetic problems

Fixing cosmetic problems is a great way to add extra value to your property with minimal financial outlay. Whether it’s painting over damp issues (once the source of the damp has been identified and addressed) or filling in, sanding down, and painting marks and gouges in the wall, these kinds of fixes will really make a difference when an estate agent comes to value your property.

5. Boost your property’s kerb appeal

You’d be surprised at how much of an impact increasing the kerb appeal of your property has on its value. Replace your garage door if it’s looking tired or the spring mechanism isn’t working properly. Paint your front door. Resurface your driveway if there are holes in the tarmac. Replace any fence panels that look rotten or unstable. Make sure your grass is cut and any trees and bushes are trimmed back. The list is endless!

6. Spruce up your bathroom

Nobody likes a mouldy bathroom. If your bathroom is looking tired, there are things that you can do to tidy it up. Reseal around your bath or shower if its going off colour. Regrout your tiles if they’re looking scummy. Look at whether you need to install or replace your bathroom fan if you’re having an issue with mould, and wash and repaint the walls where any mould may have formed.

7. Declutter your home

You can instantly make your home more attractive to potential buyers if you declutter. When you declutter, you create the illusion of more space and light – both attractive features for home buyers. By decluttering, you also make it easier for your potential purchasers to re-imagine your property with their belongings – this can actually make people believe that your house is worth more than its market value.

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