Landlords – how to make your rental property stand out this summer

Summer provides a great opportunity for landlords to let their properties fast. People can be keen to move quickly, especially those with children who want to get settled before the school term begins.

Tenant interest is also typically highest in the spring and summer months, with July to August often having the highest rental demand. With these factors that can make it easier to let out a property, it’s important for landlords to know how they can make their rental property stand out in the summer.

Making the most of the light

Light can help to make your rental property stand out and when the British summer is on its best behaviour, your property will likely be blessed with natural light. Light makes rooms feel larger and also more appealing. 

A bigger and brighter house can be a more attractive prospect to would-be tenants. So, it’s a bright idea to let natural light into your home and you can do this by making sure your windows are squeaky clean so they allow light to emit into your home.

Other ways you can get as much natural light as possible into your property is by using light-friendly flooring such as wooden, ceramic or stone floors which reflect light more than carpets. Another way to let the light in is by having shiny surfaces, as they will reflect light, helping to make your property look more spacious.

The benefits of being close to the coast

Here at Chimneypots, we are a letting agent which covers areas in Hampshire and Dorset near the coast. In the summer, being close to Britain’s beaches and coastlines can be a huge selling point for interested tenants; maximise this view by making sure your balcony, patio or garden look great.

You can do this by tidying up the areas and even remodelling with new furniture to really give these areas an updated look. 

Highlighting your garden

The summer months present the perfect opportunity to show off your garden and a good garden could sway a prospective tenant’s mind. Whether you want to do up your garden yourself or get a gardener to spruce up your greenery for you, putting some effort into your backyard can prove to be worthwhile as research shows landscaping your garden can add 77% to the value of a property.

Showing off your outdoor space

If you don’t have a garden, don’t despair, you can also use your property’s outdoor spaces to pique the interest of potential tenants. Outdoor spaces such as terraces and balconies can help your property to stand out, and with the better weather that summer brings, tenants will probably spend a considerable amount of time there.

If you want to really make the most of your outdoor spaces, make sure that they are clean and tidy before viewings, as this can help with tenants envisioning how they will enjoy the sunshine in your property.

Focus on standout features

Summer is barbecue time and if you have a designated barbecue area then make sure it’s well done as it can help attract tenants. If your barbecue area is clean and tidy for viewings, this can help tenants think about how they can use this space for their summer get-togethers. Outdoor pizza ovens are also another way to whet potential tenants’ appetites as making pizzas outside on a hot summer’s day can be a fun (and tasty) activity.

Here at Chimneypots estate agents, we are doing all we can to help our clients during these uncertain times. If you require further guidance on letting your home successfully in South Coast locations – such as Southampton and Portsmouth – during the pandemic, please contact our team on 01489 584298.

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