Our top 10 tips for selling your home

1) Choose the right estate agent

Before you do anything, you need to make sure you have the right estate agent who has the reputation and experience to minimise stress, arrange lots of viewings and ensure you get the maximum offer.

2) Boost your home’s kerb appeal

As cliché as it sounds, we’ve all judged a book by its cover so make sure you don’t put potential buyers off before they’ve even stepped through the door by making sure the outside of your home makes a brilliant first impression. So, get outside and weed the driveway, wash the windows, slap on a fresh coat of paint and repair any broken fence posts.

3) De-clutter

It’s important that anyone looking around your home can picture themselves living there. So, keep your house as clutter free as possible and tidy away your personal photos and belongings (don’t worry, you should still leave out your favourites).

4) Pay attention to the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home for most properties in the UK and can be a huge selling point. To help your buyers fall in love with yours, keep the worksurfaces clear, dishes out of the sink and pets outside.

5) Attend to those little jobs

If you’ve been putting off changing that lightbulb or repairing that dink in the paintwork, now’s the time to finally get around to fixing those little jobs that are easily overlooked. By making sure all the little details are perfect, you’re ensuring your home is looking its very best and you’re shoing you really take care of the property.

6) Make the most of your outside space

Gardens and courtyards are bonus living spaces and a fantastic selling opportunity but overgrown and neglected outside spaces can send your buyers running. So, think about tidying up your garden by pruning plants, hiding playthings in the shed and, if your budget allows, placing furniture outside to show that it’s a usable area.

7) Hang mirrors in smaller or dark rooms

Mirrors are every interior designer’s best friend and for good reason. Hanging mirrors in small rooms or areas that don’t get a lot of light, like hallways, will instantly make the space feel roomier and brighter.

8) Swap bright walls for neutral tones

While your bright yellow accent wall certainly brightens up the living room, it unfortunately won’t be to everyone’s taste. As heart-breaking as it may be to cover up your masterpiece, you need to appeal to the widest audience you can so cover up any bright colour schemes with warm, neutral tones. You can add pops of colour in your accessories, such as cushions, lamps and rugs.

9) Don’t stuff your storage space

Decluttering is essential to selling your home but don’t stuff your storage space full of your belongings. Chances are that anyone looking around your home will open up your cupboards to see what the storage is like and if they’re confronted with overflowing closets, they’ll think there isn’t enough space.

10) Let there be light

No one likes walking into a dull and dark room, especially in the middle of the day, so we always recommend turning on lamps and selected overhead lights in each of your rooms to give your home a brightness boost.

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